Shelby GT500 Racing experience in las vegas

Race a Shelby GT500 in Las Vegas

A college professor of ours once used the words “big juice” to describe America’s above-ground nuclear tests in the 1940s, the ones that vaporized entire Pacific atolls. We will now borrow the phrase: This car is big juice.

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Red Rock Muscle Car Experience Red Rock Muscle Racing Experience

Drive three American Muscle cars on a thrilling round-trip guided road tour in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 150 days/year
per driver
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  Red Rock Muscle XL Racing Experience

Drive four American Muscle cars on a thrilling round-trip guided road tour in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 150 days/year
per driver
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Recent Shelby GT500 Racing Experience Reviews:

"First, this is my second time utilizing World Class Racing. After doing the Exotic Experience a few months back I had to return and test out the Muscle Cars. I was not disappointed. Racing around Lake Mead in the Shelby GT500 and Corvette Z06 was incredible especially with the manual transmissions!! WOW!! That Shelby GT500 is both a BEAUTY and a BEAST! Talk about adrenalin rush! Be prepared for heart stopping excitement when you punch the accelerator on that monster muscle car. You literally will be propelled back into the seat when that rocket ship blasts off down the road, grinning from ear to ear. Un-fricken believable the power in that machine. As for the Corvette Z06, it was my favorite to race since it quickly guides effortlessly through tight corners while hugging the road at incredible speeds. The Z06 can do no wrong and will make even the most amateur racer look and feel like a professional racer. Overall I've LOVED both my racing excursions with World Class Racing. The people are very professional and the cars are all in fantastic shape, immaculately clean and geared for all out acceleration. Where else will anyone hand over the keys to such wonderful racing machines letting you push them towards their full potential? Nowhere but VEGAS and World Class Racing!!!! "

Customer Rating:

Someone Anyone, Batavia, USA (July 18, 2014)

"This was booked for me as a surprise for my birthday and was one of the best gifts I've ever received. I can't recommend this company any higher. I'd never racen a left hand race car or even racen on the right hand side of the road before but this was not a problem for anybody at World Class Racing and I'd completely put it out of my mind once I'd had my briefing. All of the instructors were very professional. My booking was for the Red Rock Muscle Car Experience as this was the chance to race a Shelby GT500. Awesome is an understatement. I wish I'd known about World Class Racing on my previous visit to Las Vegas as it would have been a great addition to my stag doo. Thanks to all of the staff and instructors that made my birthday an unforgettable day."

Customer Rating:

Neil S., hartlepool, United Kingdom (July 18, 2014)

"World Class Racing provided an amazing experience from the phone call to the car racing itself! Having to organize a group of 12 in a weekend for a bachelor party, Tiffany went above and beyond to help with putting a package together that could work, to best suit our group size, and what types of experience we wanted. And when the group size changed, she made sure that our package quickly got adjusted and continued to provide top-level service. Upon our arrival at the office for World Class Racing, we were pleasantly surprised to have the cars we had selected up front for us to drool over and take photos with. We were greeted by Matt and Julie, who checked us in, and went through our package - with a great understanding of who was doing what, and just showed great professionalism in knowing which group they were serving. Having remembered that two of our group could race manual transmission, Matt offered to add an additional manual transmission car (the Shelby!!!) to our package... at no cost, just so that our group could get the most of our experience. Matt also made changes to how his two instructors (Warren and Trevor) would operate, so the additional car could be accommodated. This again, showed their attention to detail on who the group they were working with and their desire to serve the client to the best of their abilities. After a safety session on each of the cars, we were introduced to our instructors who would be taking us out on our race (Warren and Trevor). Both were very accommodating, with the bunch of guys fighting over who got to race which car next, and were patient with their instruction for each of the vehicles. Throughout our race, their instructions were clear so that everyone was well aware of what was coming up next and where to open up the cars and where to rein them in. Our race took us through the amazing scenery of the Red Rock Canyon State Park, which is some awe-inspiring scenery...and with the awe-inspiring cars weaving through the park roads, it was an unforgettable experience. The cars that were racen included the Ferrari 458 Italia, Corvette Z06, Audi R8 V10, Shelby GT500, and Dodge Challenger SRT8. All were amazing, but definitely the highlight was the Shelby with its amazing raw power and short-throw transmission. All of us in our group did not leave disappointed at all. The 3+ hour experience was the highlight of our weekend and one that we would recommend to anyone looking to experience the pinnacle of automobile performance!"

Customer Rating:

Ian C., Vancouver, Canada (June 22, 2014)

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