Shelby GT500 Racing experience in las vegas

Race a Shelby GT500 in Las Vegas

A college professor of ours once used the words “big juice” to describe America’s above-ground nuclear tests in the 1940s, the ones that vaporized entire Pacific atolls. We will now borrow the phrase: This car is big juice.

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Red Rock Muscle Car Experience Red Rock Muscle Racing Experience

Drive three American Muscle cars on a thrilling round-trip guided road tour in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 150 days/year
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Recent Shelby GT500 Racing Experience Reviews:

"Professional, safe and thrilling! The raw power of the Shelby GT500 was staggering. The finesse and agility of the Corvette Z06 was exhilarating. The Challenger SRT8 was no slouch either, but was fittingly placed at the back of the pack for a reason. Thanks to Matt, Warren and the rest of the gang for a day we will not forget (and can even tell stories about back home!). "

Customer Rating:

Mike B., Toronto, Canada (November 16, 2014)

"I had a great time racing three muscle cars. All were very different and entertaining to race, but the Shelby GT500 was my favorite. So fast! The crew was very professional and knowledgeable and all the cars were well maintained and prepared. Most fun I've had in years!"

Customer Rating:

Bob C., Hawley, USA (November 12, 2014)

"We took the Red Rock Muscle Car Experience on 4 September 2014. From the arrival at their facilities the staff were courteous and kept us update on delays caused by a previous group. We were given a safety briefing prior to departing on the shuttle bus to the race start point, and then a refresh as we took control of each car. The organisation was second to now, instructors raced lead and chase cars in the single file formation. You were provided with advice and instruction constantly by 2 way radio which gave a lot of confidence to a foreigner racing in a country where they build their cars with the steering wheels on the wrong side, then insist on racing on the wrong side of the road as well (I wont even mention the stop signs where they expect you to actually stop - no rolling starts here my Aussie friends, but the bonus is you can turn right on a red light). The cars were extremely well maintained, and the race through the park was excellent with lots of rolling bends and not too much traffic so you could race to the speed limit with no problem (and maybe even a little beyond at times :) - maybe - but who knows with the MPH speedo). The change overs were very professionally staged and there was plenty of bottles of water on offer. Being the last muscle care group for the day we had the bonus of racing the vehicles back to the World Class office, once again being led by an instructor with the shuttle bus in chase. This was an awesome experience in itself, racing through the city motorway traffic. The instructor was wonderful again in instructing us over the radio and was very professional and courteous, even when I accidently put the Shelby sideways under power. As for the cars, the poor Dodge Challenger seems to pail in the shadow of the other two cars, but on its own was still a great car. Shelby GT500 was my favourite simply for all that horsepower, but the Corvette Z06 won for handling as well as having the most beautiful sound. Thank you to the Team at World Class Racing, you made my 51st birthday away from home a most memorable and enjoyable one. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a love of cars and racing. "

Customer Rating:

James Quiring, Hallidays Point, Australia (September 7, 2014)

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