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The cold stats fail to reveal the basso profundo of the sidepipes or the supercharger's shrill shrieks, aural gratification that never lets up until, in the right conditions, the F1-inspired McLaren reaches 206 mph.

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Top Attraction in Las Vegas | Drive Ferrari Las Vegas 3 Car Exotic Open Road Driving Experience

Drive three exotic cars on a thrilling guided driving experience in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 300 days/year
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Top Attraction in Las Vegas | Drive Ferrari Las Vegas 4 Car Exotic Open Road Driving Experience

Drive four exotic cars on a thrilling guided driving experience in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 300 days/year
per driver
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Recent Driving Experience Reviews:

"Not cheap but worth every penny. You can drive BMW and Mercedes but nothing compares to the Ferrari. "

Customer Rating:

Krzysztof C., Pullman, USA

"My tour through Red Rock Canyon included a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Mercedes SLR McLaren and a Jaguar XKR-S! What a fantastic experience given the views of the Canyon and the exhilaration of driving supercars. The staff members were very friendly and knowledgeable about all of the cars. I had a lot of questions feeling like a kid in a candy store! Many thanks to Warren for his consideration. "

Customer Rating:

Jason H., Frisco, USA

"My son and I took the Sunset Tour in January 2013, and this was absolutely the highlight of our trip to Las Vegas. Unless you are fortunate enough to own one of these exotic cars, this is the next very best thing. The staff are exceptional right from the receptionist to the drivers who guide your drive (in separate cars) and Darren who looks after overall operations. The drive itself is amazing set against the backdrop of the Red Rock Canyon west of the city. Beautiful cars, beautiful scenery and my beautiful wife riding shot gun. And the cars themselves - fantastic! I've been an avid car magazine reader for over 30 years and you read about the snarl of a Ferrari engine, but there's nothing like the real thing. We were fortunate to have 4 cars which we rotated during the drive - a Ferrari 458 Italia, Audi R8, Jaguar XK convertible and Mercedes SLR McLaren. And yes, you guessed my favourite - the Ferrari. This was almost better that xxx ... almost. After we were finished the drive, I was intoxicated (not drunk - that's against the law) from the experience and grinning ear to ear. Nothing beats driving the real thing in this age of electronic games, IMAX and other artificial wizardry. Well done World Class Driving! You're #1 in my books."

Customer Rating:

Art T., Calgary, Canada

About World Class Driving

World Class Driving is home to twenty of the most thrilling production cars on the planet, including the latest cars from Mercedes and more. When you join us for one of our wildly popular exotic car driving experiences in Las Vegas, you'll find out what makes a Mercedes so special.

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The Amazing McLaren SLR Experience

Every car enthusiast craves the chance to drive the Mercedes SLR McLaren. You’ll get that incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the SLR McLaren Experience from World Class Driving. Here's what you get: Seat time in this extraordinary exotic on a round-trip excursion from Vegas to the Red Rock Canyon or Hoover Dam. The McLaren stands out, even among such cars as the Audi R8 and the Bentley Continental GT, as one of the fastest and most powerful exotic cars on the market. This is an unforgettable, must-do experience for any car enthusiast! Know a driving enthusiast? Buy him a gift certificate to the SLR McLaren Experience for the ultimate driving gift.

About the McLaren SLR

Weighing in at nearly two tons, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is a beast. But thanks to a massive supercharged V12 engine that can work up an amazing 617 horsepower, it is remarkably fast. In fact, the SLR McLaren boasts a top speed faster than the more Millennium-Falcon-like Lamborghini Gallardo: 206 miles-per-hour. The SLR McLaren was developed in join cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and McLaren Automotive in Portsmouth, England. Though inspired by the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe & Drivecar, the McLaren SLR represents the cutting edge in exotic car design, engineering, and manufacturing. Drive the SLR McLaren at World Class Driving’s SLR McLaren Experience.

Drive the McLaren SLR in Vegas

World Class Driving's SLR McLaren Driving Experience is ranked as the "Best-Reviewed Exotic Car Driving Experience in Las Vegas" on TripAdvisor. Thousand of satisfied participants have experience the Mercedes SLR McLaren in Las Vegas with World Class Driving's supercar experiences. Read our Las Vegas driving experience reviews to see for yourself what our customers say about their time at our Vegas supercar driving experience. The SLR McLaren Driving Experience is one of the most popular Las Vegas supercar adventures.

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