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Releasing the brake pedal sends up a poof of smoke as the rear tires chirp and slip through not quite one full rotation. The car then bogs, as though hunkering down, before exploding forward a millisecond later.

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Top Attraction in Las Vegas | Drive Ferrari Las Vegas Red Rock Exotic Racing Experience

Drive three exotic cars on a thrilling guided driving experience in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 300 days/year
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Top Attraction in Las Vegas | Drive Ferrari Las Vegas Red Rock Exotic XL Racing Experience

Drive four exotic cars on a thrilling guided driving experience in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 300 days/year
per driver
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Recent Racing Experience Reviews:

"Seriously, racing the Ferrari 458 was a life changing experience for me, and I have my buddies and World Class Racing to thank for that!! For three hours of my life on that beautiful Sunday afternoon, I felt like a kid in a candy store! I got a chance to race 4 exotics for approximately 20 miles a piece. They were the Ferrari 458, the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Audi R8, and the Nissan GT-R. We started off by heading to the Lamborghini dealership in Henderson. After drooling over the Aventadors in the showroom for about half hour, we got into an exotic of our choice! Our spotter / lead car lead us into Lake Mead Recreation Park! We were in constant communication with him, as he was giving us detailed instructions to follow. I must say he did a wonderful job at keeping the pack together, and more importantly, he knew the roads very well as he instructed us when to obey the speed limits and to follow closely, and when it was okay to race a "spirited" 50 MPH! Each car had a walkie talkie and as a result, we were always aware of his next move and the things to anticipate next. The scenery is breathtaking, and it seriously looks like something right out of a Porsche commercial. For all you petrol heads out there, you have to try this experience at least once - - you won't regret it! But be careful what you wish for though..because once you race these cars (ESPECIALLY the 458... is simply music to your ears!), you'll suffer from depression when you hop back into your daily racers! In my honest opinion, the 458 was by far the most raw, visceral, and engaging car to race out of the four cars in the lineup that day! The Lamborghini Gallardo was a close second! The induction and exhaust snapping, cracking, and popping noises, the responsiveness, the gut-wrenching acceleration and deceleration from the carbon ceramic big brake kit, the quality of the craftsmanship, and jarring suspension is something that I'll never forget!! Now I understand why these cars cost anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 million dollars! You truly get what you pay for :-)!"

Customer Rating:

Billy H., San Gabriel , USA (February 21, 2015)

"The Red Rock Exotic Racing experience was awesome. It was everything they promised and more. I raced a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, and Nissan GTR. The instructors were great too."

Customer Rating:

David L., St. Louis, USA (February 9, 2015)

"It was mind blowing experience. Me and my husband raced 4 cars( Lamborghini , 2 Ferrari n GT-R nissan ).Everyone was totally professional. I really enjoyed the way they guided us while racing using walky talky. Time duration was appropriate and they gave us sufficient time to click pictures. I would definitely recommend this to others."

Customer Rating:

Jaswinder K., Hoffman Estates, USA (January 28, 2015)

About World Class Driving

World Class Driving is home to twenty of the most thrilling production cars on the planet, including the latest cars from Lamborghini and more. When you join us for one of our wildly popular exotic car racing experiences in Las Vegas, you'll find out what makes a Lamborghini so special.

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An Introduction to The Lamborghini Racing Experience

Fun alert! Fun alert! Here’s the secret to getting in the racer’s seat of a Lamborghini Gallardo without having to buy one: The Lamborghini Racing Experience from World Class Racing. You’ll take the wheel of a Lamborghini LP570 Spyder Performante and a Lamborghini LP560 during your World Class Racing exotic car experience. Don’t miss this one once-in-a-lifetime adventure! World Class Racing puts you on the road in a Lamborghini Gallardo, and will give you a lifetime supply story-toppers. For the perfect exotic car racing experiences you simply can’t beat a supercar adventure with America’s original exotic car experience.

About the Lamborghini

Since 1964, Lamborghini has produced some of automotive world’s most outstanding cars. With such impressive creations as the Lamborghini Reventon, the Lamborghini Gallardo, and the Lamborghini Performante, Lamorghini is an undisputed leader in modern exotic car design. World Class Racing’s exotic car fleet includes the $253,000, 570 horsepower Lamborghini LP570 Spyder Performante and the dramatic Lamborghini Gallardo LP560. Race these exotics, and other exotic cars from our fleet, on the top-rated Las Vegas exotic car experiences as seen in USA Today, Forbes, Bloomberg, and more.

Race a Lamborghini in Vegas

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