Shelby GT500 Racing experience in las vegas

Las Vegas Shelby GT500 Racing Experiences

A college professor of ours once used the words “big juice” to describe America’s above-ground nuclear tests in the 1940s, the ones that vaporized entire Pacific atolls. We will now borrow the phrase: This car is big juice.

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Red Rock Muscle Car Experience Red Rock Muscle Racing Experience

Drive three American Muscle cars on a thrilling round-trip guided road tour in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 150 days/year
per driver
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  Red Rock Muscle XL Racing Experience

Drive four American Muscle cars on a thrilling round-trip guided road tour in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 150 days/year
per driver
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Recent Shelby GT500 Racing Experience Reviews:

"What an unbelievable experience this was. For many years I had wanted to race a Ford Mustang GT 500 and the best thing I could have done was book this and my friend through World Class Racing. The muscle car package I booked was excellent value for money and not at all expensive for what it offers. I was afforded plenty of time in the GT 500, Dodge Challenger and Corvette, through Las Vegas and the beautiful Lake Mead. Every single one of the staff was friendly and unbelievably helpful. Patient with the more nervous racers in the group and explained the whole plan perfectly leaving no confusion and everyone free to enjoy the experience. All handled so professionally. Being able to bring a passenger along is an excellent touch, even though my wife decided to stay at the pool, she regretted not coming along after I told her how amazing the whole experience was! I will 100% book this again the next time I`m in Vegas and would advise anyone even slightly interested in cars to consider booking with this place. Racen back to our hotel after racing the cars too. Nice guys all round and an experience I won`t forget."

Customer Rating:

Steve H., Dublin, Ireland (January 9, 2015)

"I read all the offers for racing experiences in Vegas. Then I read a lot of the reviews that I could find and settled on Red Rock Exotic. I have seldom chosen better. We took the 3-car option. A Lamborghini, a Ferrari, and another 'exotic' car. The 3rd car turned out to be a Nissan. More about that to come. We met on time on Dean Martin Race. Were given our instructions and chose which cars we were to race. I chose the Lambo and the Nissan for me, leaving the Ferrari for my wife. We raced to Lake Mead and the first leg in the park. I cannot describe the awesomeness of that Lambo. It was amazing and challenging to handle on in traffic and in the park. I never want to race any another car ever again. My wife had a blast with the Ferrari after her initial terror. Our guide adjusted to order of cars to help her get comfortable and she had the time of her life. I have the cell phone pictures to proove it. Then I got behind the wheel of the (ho-hum) Nissan, and had the shock of my life. A car that will do 0-60 in about 2.7 seconds is anything but ho-hum. That car was unreal. I never would have known that without racing it, and of the 3 cars....that is the only one that I can marginally afford. The total experience was everything that I had hoped for and more. We got everything promised and then some. They are building a track and I will be in line when it is open. "

Customer Rating:

Bob O., Pittsburgh, Pa.USA (January 9, 2015)

"Check in was easy, Staff was very friendly and accommodating, they knew the trails well and we had a blast!! Just know your insurance coverages and if you can afford it I recommend taking some type of Damage waiver at least the one that covers the first five thousand. We did the lambo, ferrari and the skyline, and I honestly couldn't choose a favorite although the lambo was the most challenging to race, the ferrari the most fun and the skyline the most powerful."

Customer Rating:

Dustin C., Coral Gables, USA and Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad (January 5, 2015)

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