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The Dodge Challenger set the standard for classic muscle once. And now its doing it again. With chrome tip dual exhaust, beautifully sculpted hoods with scoops, and 20-inch wheels, the muscle car is back. And it has more to flex than ever.

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Red Rock Muscle Car Experience Red Rock Muscle Racing Experience

Drive three American Muscle cars on a thrilling round-trip guided road tour in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 150 days/year
per driver
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  Red Rock Muscle XL Racing Experience

Drive four American Muscle cars on a thrilling round-trip guided road tour in Las Vegas.

Available in Las Vegas, NV: 150 days/year
per driver
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Recent SRT8 Challenger Racing Experience Reviews:

"An excellent experience. Hubby raced a Dodge, corvette and a Shelby mustang. He totally loved the Shelby, going through the 6 speed manual on open roads was a great feeling. The lead car kept in contact through radio's. We stopped at certain points and changed cars, so you get to race all three. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending this to anyone, heaps of fun. Plus you get to see the sights - even though its zipping past real quick :) :) "

Customer Rating:

Craig Y., Auckland, New Zealand (March 1, 2014)

"This is a great experience for an introduction to the vehicles that you race, in my case a Shelby GT500, Dodge Challenger and Corvette. The care and courtesy of the support staff in this business is the best I have experienced and there is nothing that is too much trouble for them. I have never racen on US roads before and was a little nervous about doing so, but once we got on the road and with constant communication from the staff via walkie talkies in each of the cars, I was made to feel at ease. We raced each of the cars mentioned for about 10-12 miles stopping in the breathtaking red rock canyon to swap and take in the vistas. You do race the cars by yourself and the staff are located at the front and rear of the convoy in their own high powered Jaguars to control pace and speed up any stragglers. A great afternoon to get out of Vegas if it all gets a bit much and a great laugh with some great, energetic, understanding funny people. "

Customer Rating:

Simon Williamson, Blackpool, United Kingdom (May 21, 2013)

"This past Sunday April 28th I took the American Muscle World Class Racing Tour. When we got to the location the staff greeted us and they were very friendly. We went through the check in process which was quick and easy. Once that was done we met with the racers/leaders that were going to be going on the tour with us to go over some basic tour information and safety instructions. Once we completed the briefing we were able to go out and pick between a Chevy Corvette, Ford Shelby Mustang & Dodge Challenger. The first car that we picked was the Chevy Corvette of course. We got into the car and followed the lead car with others following behind us we then raced out to the Red Rock Area. We raced to the red rock casino where we switched cars. The next car that we got into was the Dodge Challenger. Once we got into that car we started our way out to Red Rock Canyon. The race out there and the scenery was beautiful. I couldn't get enough and could not stop taking pictures. We pulled over to a scenic area to take some more photos and then at that point we got into our last but not least vehicle the Ford Shelby Mustang. That car was awesome! Once we got into that car we started making our way back to the World Class Racing garage. The race back was a good experience too as we were able to test the speed on that vehicle. Once we got back to the World Class Racing location we parked the vehicles and that was the end of the tour. We thanked our tour guides and told them how much of a great experience this was. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who comes to visit Las Vegas or even lives in the Las Vegas Area. This is a great tour and would recommend it to anyone! "

Customer Rating:

Hector C., Las Vegas, USA (May 8, 2013)

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